Vesna Krebs is a new media artist, experimentalist, and researcher. She was born in Slovenia in 1979, and currently lives and works between Ljubljana and London. Her creative practice explores dis-ordered states, glitches, and chaotic behaviours through a cross-disciplinary approach blending generative art, live visuals, interactive art and sound.

MissTake is Vesna’s pseudonym for work that includes live visual performances and interactive installations, using audio analysis, real-time generated moving images and DIY devices of various kinds, which are sometimes produced in cooperation with Borut Kumperščak.

Vesna’s current practice focuses on collage style inter-waving of complex systems found in nature with digital systems of several different kinds. Her goal is to form a new visual experiences based on known patterns. She is combining natural textures with digital patterns inside monochromatic/spectrum fusion, to form sci-fi visuals with a hint of retro future.

Her visuals work best with such music styles as glitch-hop, breakcore, idm, braindance, experimental, dubstep, 8 bit, nu- disco, chip core, and similar genres.

She is currently taking part in several projects for theather and creation of real-time visuals for sound performances.

Find out more about Vesna at vesnakrebs.com